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Technical parameters:


Gaoke GK9000V-Ⅰ

Product Model:   GK9000V-Ⅰ

Lens:  1/3"High  Definition  Sensor,22x  Optical  Zoom,8-20x  Digital  Zoom,2,000,000  Pixels

Shooting areas:  Max :345mm*255mm

Support  Output  Signal:   SXGA/XGA/720P/PAL/NTSC

TV  lines:   Horizontal:800  lines  Vertical:800  lines

Image  Storage:   32  Images Available

Computer  Interface:   USB2.0,Transmission:RS232

OSD:   Chinese/English

White  balance:    Auto/Manual

Digital  Function:   Mirror  Image,Freeze,Black  and  White,Color  Switch,Positive/Negative

Screen  Split:   Yes,

Color  Adjustment:   Yes

Bright  Adjustment:   Yes

Shoot-through  for  cutting  off  power  supply: Output  computer  signal  when  Visualizer  power  off

Input:   VGA×2,*VIDEO×1,*AUDIO×1

Output:   VGA×2,*VIDEO×1,*AUDIO×1

Operation Type:    Touch Button, Infrared Control

Light:    LED Side Lights, Base Light(Optional)

Dimension:    (Open) 410*370*550 (mm)

(Close)  470*370*135 (mm)

Power Supply Adapter:    12DC Power Adapter

Optional  Function:

1、Mic and 1-4 audio input added

2、3.5″ LCD screen added

3、Card reader function added

4、Add and substract port with* as per requirement

·There is no additional notice for any specification changes.

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